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Build your dream team – hire managers who share your values.

Do you need to put a management team in place that reflects your company’s commitment to the ecological and economical transition? Building a management dream team that can make your vision a reality, understands your purpose and that can bring the entire staff along with it. Put together an enthusiastic management team based on shared values and commitments. 

We can handle all your recruitment needs for a successful transformation:

  • Recruitment of senior managers based on professional expertise and interpersonal skills.
  • Defining roles and developing your image as an employer to attract perfect-fit applicants.
  • Onboarding new recruits, coaching and team creation, recruitment interview training.

Recruitment of key management roles

So your managers…manage perfectly

Nowadays simply listing the skills required isn’t enough to recruit managers who are the ideal fit for your company’s mission and management culture. 

We assist your recruitment requirements by helping you develop specifications for

Once the criteria for your ideal candidate have been defined we find inspiring, relevant, and competent staff who are an ideal fit for your business and successfully recruit them.

End-to-end recruitment support

Optimising the attractiveness of the role and the company

Optimise your company’s attractiveness to applicants

In the context of a shortage of skilled staff, the ideal key managers you want to recruit may be few and far between. We work with you to give you the best chance in terms of your company’s attractiveness to prospective employees and persuading them to join your company. 

We help you define the role clearly and optimise your attractiveness as an employer by co-creating an authentic, true storytelling voice with maximum impact. The goal is the effective promotion of the benefits and expectations of your company and voice that has maximum impact.

Co-defining and promoting the role

We talk to the people involved in your recruitment processes to gain a good understanding of your organisation, its challenges and your expectations of the role in the short, medium and long term. Having specific objectives makes it easier to target potential staff and to look beyond their profiles, to open other doors and recruit inclusively. These conversations will lead to the creation of a Scorecard for the role which we do together and that you approve. This snapshot of exact requirements in terms of hard and soft skills means we can also promote the mission, challenges and objectives of the role.

Preparing the perfect pitch

As your representatives on the recruitment market we gather information and carry out interviews with you to write a pitch for the role and the company that is both transparent and attractive to optimise your image as an employer. Together we will agree on how the role will be presented to any potential applicants we approach on your behalf.

Bring your image as an employer to life with a podcast

A podcast under your own or the Canary Call brand is an ideal way to promote your company culture. It is a means of sharing consistent, relatable, real and welcoming content and an opportunity to spark the interest of potential applicants. It is also a useful way of communicating your values when onboarding staff.

Appointing and setting up a team

Get your newly appointed staff off to a flying start.

Sensitive new appointments, multiple strategic recruitment campaigns, lots of high-profile new hires…we offer a number of solutions to ensure the success of your recruitment processes.

Appointment coaching

Following a significant management appointment we offer appointment support through tripartite coaching between you, the new hire and one of our expert coaches. In the context of a business transformation, reorganisation or sensitive restructure this kind of support can be particularly effective for successful onboarding.

Creating a team

When several key people are recruited for strategic team roles simultaneously, or you’re putting together a brand new team it is essential that the team pact is (re)considered to make a positive start. At Canary Call we can help you co-create this to bring your newly appointed staff together around a shared vision.

Interview technique training

If you are planning to recruit a large number of staff, we offer packages to assist with the structuring of your recruitment process and provide your managers with interview technique training, in particular training on the STAR method.

Community (Be inspired!)

Connect with your peer network.

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