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Perrine Grua,
Board level coach and founder


When she founded Canary Call in 2020, Perrine Grua made the decision to dedicate her energy, enthusiasm and her cherished ‘cheerful courage’ to helping talented individuals and companies working towards the ecological transition. Her own entrepreneurial experiences served to strengthen her belief that business has a major role to play in developing a more sustainable economy and she is focused on developing leaders capable of taking positive action.

Perrine believes it is possible to say ‘and’ rather than ‘or’. She has created new pathways that challenge paradox by seeking to create harmony between business growth and sustainability, performance anand well-being, collaboration and management. In short she believes in human-centric values, business needs AND respect for our limits. She is brave enough to embrace the non-typical image of a woman with interests in both business and sustainability alongside an unswerving mission for others, herself and the planet to experience positive outcomes.


Perrine has an Executive MBA from ESSEC Business School and MANNHEIM and is an RNCP ICF PCC level coach accredited by Coaching Ways and received her training in organisational and team coaching training from  International Mozaïk. Perrine also brings her own passion for innovation and the digital world. She is a Human Resources expert and her previous roles include: General Director of Aquent, Training Director at NUMA, Director of Innovation and Marketing of the Skills and Development Network, Co-founder of France Apprenante, and Co-president of ACSEL’s #ReinventWork commission.

Her work focuses on four key areas – People, Business, Marketing-Communication and CSR. As the director of Canary Call, her in-depth business transition experience and expertise enables her to offer tailored, precision support and to co-create with her customers to forge new strategies for growth and their digital, management and cultural transition.


Perrine understands that it is possible to live the life you dream of and she has the energy, tools and resources you need to begin your adventure with confidence. To cross the frontier between today and tomorrow, from where you are now to where you want to be, and ultimately to find sustainable and ambitious economic solutions to our societal and climatic problems.

Constantly in motion with a need to constantly be doing something, Perrine has also created the Canary Call podcast – for her own and others’ inspiration – to bring together a community of people interested in the ecological transition for business. She plays host to people who have set up bold and innovative projects that clear the way for future possibilities. All with the same overarching desire that is vital for her – to make a positive contribution to the world.