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We are an agency dedicated to unlocking positivity within individuals and entire organisations

and begin an exciting new chapter of business success.

It is our deeply-held belief that business has a key role to play in developing a more sustainable society and economy, and that this transition is an exciting era of new possibilities.

But we need to be cheerfully courageous to weave together human values with the demands of business and to surround ourselves with people who share the same sense of commitment.

Led by our founder Perrine Grua, an entrepreneur, coach and recruitment consultant herself, our experts will work with you to co-design the best pathway and means for your business to achieve a successful professional transformation. Our goal is to create – with you – an individual pathway for your cultural, managerial and digital transition, and to co-write the next chapter of your story.

Model for

Access unbeatable expertise

Our network of experts have the complementary skills needed to support all kinds of transformation projects. Whether for an individual or to put together an entire staff made up of tens or hundreds of people, your Canary Call team will have the relevant skills to implement a support package tailored to your needs.

Turning your bold decision into a successful transformation

Your objectives need to be clearly defined, as do your success and evaluation criteria – these make it possible to judge whether or not a project can be considered a success. We define the framework of your project, your future desirable and how to motivate your staff towards achieving this goal. Individual coaching, training and recruitment are the pillars of expertise that we use to build and develop your model with you.

Our mission

To spark a connection
between talented individuals,
committed companies,
and the needs of the planet.

Our mission

Our mission at Canary Call is to aid economic transformation by helping people with a commitment to the ecological transition and the organisations that value them. We are committed to having a positive social, societal and envionmental impact.

Our objectives

To contribute to shaping the business models of the future. In particular we aim to accelerate engagement, spark collaboration, develop skills, aid self-fulfilment and amplify the voices of those who are ready to unite their staff, skills and beliefs.

We have been a mission-led business from the beginning. Our development is in line with B Corp certification and we observe the guidelines of the Impact France Movement project. Our founder Perrine Grua is a certified B Leader

In France,
a mission-driven business

states its purpose in its company papers (i.e. the societal role it aspires to play beyond its business activity).

B Corp certification

is granted to businesses that meet enhanced societal, environmental, transparency and governance requirements.

The Impact France Movement

brings together entrepreneurs and directors who put ecological and social impact at the heart of their business.

Our commitment
to having a positive impact

We are wholly committed to the high standards of B Corp certification which are arranged around five pillars:


Mission and engagement, ethics and transparency, governance and finances.


Compensation, health and well-being, development and training, engagement and satisfaction.


Diversity and inclusion, economic impact, civic engagement, suppliers policy.


Environmental management, air and climate, water, earth and life.


Customer management.

Our purpose committee

Canary Call has a dedicated purpose committee which verifies our work aligns to our mission and to the social, societal and environmental commitments set out in our company papers.

Vincent Chanron

VP Sustainable Technologies

Isabelle Croo

Executive Onboarding
& Coaching

Vincent Montet

Founder Director of MBA
in Digital Marketing & Business at EFAP

Inès Pauly

Director of Marketing
& Communication at Idylle.

Julie Thines

Executive Director
Academic Affairs and Schooling at HEC



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