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Build a successful career while staying true to your beliefs.

Decide your direction of travel and set off with conviction, create a unique career trajectory that dovetails with your values and has the impact you want, overcome interpersonal issues or more broadly address the challenges on a human scale that can occur within a business. There is no shortage of challenges in the workplace! 

At Canary Call we support career development across all these areas. Our personalised coaching and training package and the thought-provoking support of an inspiring community is here to help you manage your career in line with your personal beliefs.

Our goal is to to enable people to find success on a professional level and flourish on a personal one by bringing together talent, expertise and values.

Personalised career coaching (B2C and B2B)

Take flight professionally

One-to-one coaching helps you make progress professionally while also acknowledging your personal aspirations. Your Canary Call coach works with you to find the keys to unlocking your career success and helps you move forward smoothly to take clear, considered action.

Three support models

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What is included in an individual coaching package with Canary Call? *

* This is an indicative example that is refined and adapted according to your requirements and availability

Job search support

If you are changing career our coaching will help you define and implement your plans:

  • Develop your self-awareness: acknowledge your strengths, capabilities and assets, pinpoint the needs and aspirations you have at a deeper level.
  • Help you clearly define your intentions..
  • Build your action plan so it can become a reality.
  • Support you in your job search: create your pitch, CV and online profile, preparation for interviews and feedback, mobilising your network.

Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence programme

Most of our attempts to effect positive change fail because we don’t go beyond our gut feeling and fail to put good habits in place. A sustainable change to becoming more positive requires neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. Our Positive Intelligence programme enables this with a fun mobile app alongside personal support from a coach. Just 15 minutes a day of guided exercises with the app build your mental capacity to react effectively and easily in difficult situations. The exercises are tailored to the user’s time and personal circumstances.

Training for collaborative management and coaching

For a transformation strategy based on co-management.

At Canary Call we believe in the fundamental importance of great management to bring about profound cultural change. The rise of responsible business is a powerful driver for the development of a fairer economy – allowing greater autonomy for all and revolutionising the role of management.

Going beyond expertise, personal qualities are increasingly key as managers need to be able to animate a collective intelligence in their teams, connect with other teams and to put the skills of every employee at the service of the business. Our collaborative management and coaching training assists managers in developing these new leadership skills.

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What does the personalised package include?

Community (for inspiration!)

Connect with your peer network.

Canary Call is also the name of our inspiring podcast and an opportunity to join a vibrant peer community focused on the ecological transition of businesses.

An inspiring podcast

Since 2020 the Canary Call podcast has been showcasing people making real strides towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy that makes a positive contribution to our world. Be inspired by their bold, innovative and actionable initiatives.

A special space is given to canaries who sound the alarm and act in the nick of time, whether they are from large corporations or start-ups, social entrepreneurs, artists, human resources specialists or managers who value and cherish them, students, etc.

The podcast aims to encourage more people to make a commitment through their work and to convince businesses to put their trust in these committed individuals, driven by shared values. We also help those who hold these values to identify, recruit, grow and protect these pioneers of the ecological transition.

A vibrant community

To inspire, meet, chat and create connections between talented people and the needs of the planet, the Canary Call community gathers together people with an interest in sustainability around three pillars:


Good practice, skills, CSR expertise, networking, forecasting, inspirational stories, a sense of togetherness


To encourage other canaries to make a commitment, to help other canaries get their project off the ground, to invest in canaries, to join forces and achieve a common goal.


“Hey Canary”: scheduled co-creation sessions in which canaries can interact, share good practice and talk to each other about how to resolve strategic issues.

Connect with your peer network.​

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