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Develop your business and manage your staff in a way that resonates with your ‘why’/business soul.

Being bold and leading your business to be more responsible, sustainable and enjoy a greater sense of togetherness – without losing sight of your profitability goals – needs foundation work on your purpose’ and for your management team to be onboard. 

To unlock enthusiasm in your staff about the new direction of the business needs influencers who embody the culture change you’re aiming for and who can clear the way for a greater number to commit to the new direction.

At Canary Call we assist directors, management teams and organisations in accomplishing this through a targeted managerial coaching package led by qualified coaches with extensive experience of working with directors.

A solution to motivate staff to embrace change and take positive action

We help you roll out cultural, digital and ecological change in your company by guiding you towards autonomy and allowing you to seamlessly reconnect with your purpose.

Director coaching

Learning to embody the soul of your business

Being a director is all about embodying a vision. Developing leaders capable of taking conscious action  who can carry their business vision with them is vital to overcome today’s economic, social and environmental hurdles.

We support directors in their management transition towards a transparent, shared and inclusive governance where employees are treated with trust and stakeholders needs acknowledged.

Our director –or executive – coaching is designed as a personalised solution that is guided by our perceptive experts who understand what you’re going through. Our coaches lead directors out from their solitude to forge their professional AND personal achievement arc. Finding your place is key to delivering a clear strategic vision and to making a positive change to the world.

Bespoke coaching

We tailor our knowledge of individual coaching for a leadership context and deal with the strategic themes and subjects involved in these types of roles. We co-create a bespoke coaching package to identify your personal challenges and knit together your personal and professional goals. 

Your coaches will have in-depth knowledge of the workings of the business alongside strong operational experience (P&L, management, confidentiality, competition, etc.). All our coaches have extensive experience of directorship and management and they will be by your side to help you clarify your business strategy, define your culture, set overarching goals, etc.

Acting as a mentor who listens constructively and asks probing questions, your coach will both support and challenge you as you reflect to help you make the right decisions, lean into your strengths, accept your vulnerability and develop the different facets of your leadership style. To accelerate and move onto taking conscious action while also securing the transition to come.

Director coaching – the four stages

Successful coaching takes the director and their staff through four stages:

Defining the objective


Solution seeking


Management team coaching

Clarifying the business vision and setting out its ambitions

Starting with the company as it is now, its values, directors and employees, we will work with you to create the next chapter in your story. We will initially support you to uncover the true purpose of the business and develop a vision that can be understood and communicated easily.

From there we help you to set concrete objectives to contribute to the development of a regenerative economy. For this we use formative frameworks of mission-driven businesses, permabusinesses, B Corp certified businesses, the Impact France Movement project and the Business Convention for the Climate.

Coaching for the directorship team, the executive team and the company founder(s) is part of the model creating process.

Co-create your team pact

Access our network of coaches and facilitators and unite your staff around a shared vision so your employees can perform confidently and seamlessly in the long term.

Our coaching for management teams aims to co-create staff operations that align with your vision. Together we will move through a series of stages:

  1. Framing your objective and your criteria for success.
  2. Individual interviews with members of the team and staff.
  3. Defining the team pact: seminar with middle management.
  4. Communicating the values to all staff via one or several seminars.

We will work with you to provide flexible, bespoke support in tandem with your evolution, as per the International Coach Federation (ICF) code.

Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence programme

Most of our attempts to effect positive change fail because we don’t go beyond our gut feeling and fail to put good habits in place. A sustainable change to becoming more positive requires neural pathways to form new habits through consistent daily practice. Our Positive Intelligence programme enables this with a fun mobile app alongside personal support from a coach. Just 15 minutes a day of guided exercises with the app build your mental capacity to react effectively and easily in difficult situations. The exercises are tailored to the user’s time and personal circumstances.

The pillars of your team pact

Inspired by the change compass
International Mozaik

Organisational Coaching

Enthuse staff about a new direction

More than just introducing a new model and helping organisations roll it out, we believe in the co-creation of governance.  Complex challenges and market conditions mean each business must decide its own route to growth and its cultural, management and digital transformation. We help you become self-reliant and infuse the dynamic of a learning organisation invested in its team to find ways to grow and evolve with the times. The best governance is one that keeps the organisation secure while being able to change over time – to exist as a living organisation.

Organisational coaching allows you to clarify your approach so you can set your staff on the right path and involve them in the transformation of the business and its overarching goals.

Organisational coaching – the four stages

Action plan

Co-creation of your action plan with partners and/or management committee.


Interviews with partners and members of the team.

Looking for solutions

Co-design your management culture.


Getting staff onboard by co-writing a team pact that delivers increased autonomy to drive a  sustainable performance.

Co-creating your management culture

Following an initial framing meeting, interviews are held with staff and directors followed by a debriefing workshop to review interview feedback and check your priorities. Further workshops will formalise the ‘why’ of the business, its related goals and  management manifesto.

Enthusing your staff

For staff to engage with change it is important they actively participate in the process. We provide support via workshops, seminars, and lead events like collaborative workshops to complete the team pact together.

Community (for inspiration!)

Connect with your peers.

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